Meet Graham. He might look a little different, but I assure you that he’s human. Well, sort of. The reason he looks this way is that he has plenty of body modifications that makes him able to survive a serious car crash.

Made from a combination of silicone fibreglass, concrete, human hair and steel, and weighing in at approximately 200 kilograms, Graham’s unusual enhanced physique imagines what humans might look like had we evolved to withstand low-impact car crashes.

His enlarged skull is filled with extra cerebrospinal fluid and ligaments to protect the brain, while the neck – one of the most vulnerable body parts in a collision – has been removed entirely. Sacks have been placed between each of his ribs to create airbag-like cushioning and extra joints in his legs allow him to jump out of the way quickly.

So that got us thinking… What other super humans are around? What would you do with a different body? Well, anatomist professor Alice Roberts answered just that. She was challenged to redesign her own body.

Inspired by features from the animal kingdom, Alice has created her personal version of an “improved” Alice. – Alice 2.0 to be exact!

Roberts’ creation has skin which can change instantly between pale and dark – to ensure she would make enough vitamin D with her lighter skin in the British winter, while switching colour in summertime to prevent skin damage – as well as a marsupial pouch, ostrich legs, cat ears, octopus eyes and a chimpanzee spine.

Have a watch of how Alice 2.0 came to life below:



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