Remember how the mighty Titanic was claimed to be uncapsizable until well, it capsized. Sort of like that, only much smaller in size, there is another boat that is said to be incapable of turning over!

The boat that is impossible to capsize is shown in an incredible video with the crew of the  ‘Thunder Child’ rapidly flipping itself upright after being tipped underwater

  • The ‘Thunder Child’ boat is made in Ireland by Safehaven Marine
  • It is impossible for the boat to capsize and it will automatically self-right
  • This is due to the buoyancy of the cabin and the vessel’s low centre of gravity

The Irish Navy is set to get its hand on a boat that is impossible to capsize.

Dubbed the ‘Thunder Child’, incredible footage shows the search and rescue vessel – with passengers inside – being pushed over in the water by a crane.

The crane pulls the boat 180 degrees before allowing the 54 knots (62 mph/100 km/h) vessel to bounce back into an upright position

The ‘Thunder Child’ is the creation of Safehaven Marine in County Cork, Ireland.

Frank Kowalksi, managing director of Safehaven Marine, stated that keeping the boat upright required several tweaks to its design.

‘It is a combination of three factors: A very low centre of gravity, the buoyancy of the cabin and the cabin must also be completely water tight,’ he said.

To prove that describing the Thunder Child as impossible to capsize wasn’t just a bombastic claim, the Irish company staged a demonstration where they used a crane to flip the boat over to 180 degrees while on water, not once, but twice. The first time the boat was empty, and the second time with a small crew. In both instances, it returned to its correct position almost instantly.

Also known as the XSV 17, the ‘Thunder Child’ can hold up to ten people and is designed to tackle rough weather in pursuit of stranded sea-goers.

It is powered by two turbocharged, 12.9 litre engines that produce 1,000 horsepower each and the vehicle can reach speeds of up to 54 knots (62 mph/100 km/h).

These engines powered the Thunder Child to a new world record time for circumnavigating Ireland via Rockall in 2017.  We have no doubt that we will be seeing a lot more of these boats on the Irish waters over time.




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