Amazing Items of Clothing We Might Wear in the Future


People always wonder what the future will bring them: what food they will eat, what type of vehicles they will use, and what clothes they will wear. We at Tomorrow’s World found out about the types of clothes we’ll be wearing in the future. Some of them are so high-tech, it feels like they came from sci-fi movies!

Let’s go!

Seamless wear

Some designers believe that in the future we might dress in seamless dresses that will be easy to put on and take off. The question remains whether the weather conditions in Ireland will allow us to dress like that!

The ultimate travel jacket

With Ryan Air all but scrapping cabin baggage without an additional cost attached people who want to travel without luggage will definitely appreciate this jacket, designed to serve as a “backpack” on the go. The future might hold even better versions for us — imagine having all of your luggage stored in just one coat!

Superflex powered clothing

Imagine doing physical therapy after injuries that will consist of exercising and wearing a hi-tech bodysuit. This bodysuit is designed with a sensor and conductive technology, which will allow patients to get back into their best physical form. Exoskeletons and hi-tech wearable bodysuits are the future of clothing for many of us.

Spider dress: personal space dress

if you don’t like crowded places, especially in rush hour, then this spider dress is what you need. Its creator is sure that it can easily become a personal favorite for many women. we’re not so sure, however the idea of personal space is an appealing one!

Synthetic bioskin clothes

Imagine wearing clothes made of biomaterials that help you stay cool in summer and warm in winter. This technology enables clothes to be sustainable to the environment as well.

NASA Mars spacesuit

Musk, SpaceX, National Geographic they are all talking about Mars.In the future, interplanetary travel will be a daily reality for many people. This spacesuit, designed by NASA as a prototype, will become a daily outfit for the astronauts and people who will make Mars their new home. We hope this one will be easily fixed if anything happens to it like to Matt Damon’s character in The Martian!

Belts, well a Smart Belt to be accurate

Who said that only clothes can be technological and futuristic? Accessories can and will become very important future tech-wearables for people. This belt provides health information to its owner and tracks how well he feels throughout the day.

Living Shoes

Everlasting biotrainers might look like this. The “ingredients” for such shoes will allow for overnight self-repair.

Back to the Future self-lacing NIKE shoes

Whilst we are on the subject of shoes no list would of been complete with out mentioning these.

Remember the self-lacing Back to the Future Nike shoes? We all wanted to get a pair of them. Well, Nike produced 89 pairs of these shoes for the 30th anniversary of the movie. They were sold in a lottery, but Nike went as far as incorporating this technology into its MAG line. Now you will be able to save time by not lacing your sneakers every time you leave the house.



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